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Mt. Calvary Lutheran Mission
Bridging All Generations for Jesus

Prayer Request

Prayer Concerns

Bobby G, Healing

Alan L, Comfort, Death of Father

Pastor George & Delores M, Comfort, Peace

Rev Steve K, Healing, Comfort

Sue M, Healing, Comfort

Gordy F, Healing, Comfort

Arleen F, Healing

Debby G, Healing, Strength & Peace

Shannon & Anya F, Faith

Irene, Comfort, Peace

Diane S, Strength, Direction & Peace

Shannon B., Isaac, Nathan & Julie, Strength, Peace

Tia C, Peace

Brenda A, Peace

Jen I, Peace

Mike W, Alzheimers

Ashton G, Continued health

Alona, Blessings

God Led Leaders

People of America

Servicemen & women

Mt Calvary Mission

What can I pray for them?

Pray that each person will have or improve a relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ

Desire and experience God’s loving best for their life

Be protected from life’s dangers

Be grateful and generous

Use their life and gifts to honor God and benefit others

If you would like to contribute to this ministry,

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